The Perfect Engagement at Brickworks, Toronto

So our friend, Akshay called us recently and told us he was ready to propose to his girlfriend! We were obviously over the moon when we heard the news. He is madly in love with her and totally ready to get down on one knee and pop the question. We had never worked together before but he told us he wanted it documented and we were the only ones he trusted. So, we met up at Brickworks in Toronto the day before the big question, we chatted for a bit and got to hear more about their love story and of course hear more about, Lindsey, who we were yet to meet. Tuesday arrived and as the sun was setting, Emilly and I were looking like nature photographers in the wild, we waited patiently for them to walk by and for him to get down on one knee...

It was perfect. They were perfect. The light was perfect. We got to meet Lindsey and shoot the most perfect engagement session with them!

This is their session.


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