We want to tell your NONFICTION love story. 

Passionate about love, films, and people, we have been blessed to have found ourselves in the wedding filmmaking business. We are the lucky ones who get to come along this incredible journey with you as you make a deep and meaningful life long commitment to one another. We love working with our couples who want to share their love story in some capacity. We are here to help calm you when you need it, work alongside your photographer as a team, take your grandma's hand offering support and absolutely tear up the dance floor when its time to party!


From start to finish, we create genuinely authentic, beautiful and true wedding films for our clients.

All of our films have a very different feel because every love story is so unique. That uniqueness is what we are attracted to from the minute we meet right down to the final export of your wedding film.

We are excited to tell your NONFICTION love story!

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Wedding Filmmakers Toronto


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